Deep Fried Hummus

So El Nido is AWESOME.

Today we went on our first island hopping tour, saw a monkey, went snorkeling, figured out the internet, and ate (probably too much) fresh ocean fish. Yesterday we bummed around and found a baby kitten, then ran into one of our coworkers and her friend (who is basically in the hostel across the street from us).

Looking forward to more island hopping tomorrow, this time with more pictures and less sunburn!

BREAKING: The press conference with Gov. Jay Nixon and the Missouri Highway State Patrol has been pushed back to 3 pm CT. They are expected to discuss looting and violence during last night's protests and offer plans for security during future demonstrations in Ferguson. Mo. →



in my family it is very important when one of the cats is on ur lap. Obviously you can’t get your own glass of water or meal or pee, the rest of the family understands how crucial the situation is that you not move but continue surviving

If all the white people who claim they don’t hate us would ever get together and do something to the whites who claim they hate us, we’d see some action. Talk is cheap, if white people didn’t want to have a South African situation … there’d be none. If white people in America didn’t want segregation, there’d be none … it is the man who allows him to lynch who is never seen.

Malcolm X

Taken from Hakim Jamal’s book “From the Dead Level: Malcolm X and Me” (page 180)

(Source: disciplesofmalcolm)